K-in-HongKong: Kobitos Dim Sum Icon, The One

Noona was actually expecting Gudetama dim sum when she and her travelling buddy included Dimsum Icon in their itinerary. To their much surprise, the cute lazy egg is no more and he has been replaced by a...Kobitos? Nearly die from starvation, both of us decided to just go and eat at Dimsum Icon anyway.

K-in-HongKong: Kobitos Dim Sum Icon, The One

First, let Noona introduces you to Kobitos (which she only googled when she was waiting for the food). Kobitos is nor a man (definitely, right?) neither a bug (oh really?). Kobitos is well, Kobitos. It is a creature created by none other than a Japanese creator as part of children's book (omg, really?). Apparently Kobitos has gained popularity outside Japan as well. Noona supposes that makes sense cause otherwise, Kobitos will not be featured in Dimsum Icon's menu if they are not famous in Hong Kong. The menu is pretty creative so we made sure we ordered the dish featuring Kobitos in the most prominent way. 

Kobitos Dim Sum Icon Menu in Hong Kong

We also ordered some teas which come in Kobitos' teapot and cup, ah, of course. The teapot and the cup are for sale too, if you are interested. Noona can't help but think that Kobitos are totally not cute, oops, she hopes she does not hurt their feelings. Hahahaha.

Kobitos Rose Tea Pot at Dim Sum Icon Hong Kong

Other than Kobitos, Dimsum Icon offers the permanent menu such as the custard buns and BBQ pork buns, both have face plastered on each bun. Uh, this kinda makes it hard to eat them. 

Dim Sum Fest at Kobitos Dim Sum Icon Hong Kong

Dimsum Icon adopts the concept of "playing-with-the-food" because you can make the Kobitos milk buns transform into puking Kobitos. If you get deeply distressed by playing with the food, you may skip this step entirely and just pop it immediately into your mouth. Be careful, they are hot. Despite the puke, the milk bun tastes quite good.

Kobitos Milk Bun at Dim Sum Icon Hong Kong

We did not realise we basically ordered all BUNS and thanks to that, gotten pretty full kinda quick. The BBQ pork buns are so nice though, as expected of Hong Kong dimsum. The face are plastered on the cheese bits. 

BBQ Pork Buns at Dim Sum Icon Hong Kong

Last but not least, we finally came to the last piece of custard bun, oh gosh, it gave me a rather cute smiley face. Thanks to you, Noona now has a happy face too. 

Custard Buns at Dim Sum Icon Hong Kong

Dimsum Icon's location:

Level 3, The One
100 Nathan Road
Tsim Sha Tsui

Opening hours:

Everyday 11AM - 11PM

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