Watching Wang Wookie

Anyeong! Noona thought she's gonna be bored this Sunday since she hurt her ankle and all but turns out Sunday passing by quickly as usual. When there's nothing to do at home, there's always Korean drama to watch. Since W has ended, Noona has now moved on to another drama, Scarlet Heart. Noona's friends back in Indonesia keep on raving about the handsome battle between Prince Wang So (the 4th Prince) and Prince Wang Wook (the 8th Prince). Since the 4th Prince did not really have so much screen time (until at least episode 6 onwards), Noona's heart is currently captured by the oh-so-charming-and-caring Wookie~~~

Watching Wang Wookie

Other than Wookie and the latest ankle incident, there's nothing going on in Noona's life. Pretty much. Still living a solitary life. And oh my gawd, if she wanted to meet her monthly budgeted saving, she only has literally like 9 bucks to eat tomorrow. #lifesocruel.

If you are on diet and you have 6 bucks to spend, you can try Strawberry Muesli from Salad Stop though. Sally had some doubts about it initially but it turns out pretty good. For a 6 bucks, Noona will be so pissed if it's not that good. LOL. 

Salad Stop Strawberry Muesli

How the muesli looks like from the top. No worry, Sally, it ain't as bad despite the healthy tag. 

Feeding Sally Salad Stop's Strawberry Muesli

Okay, since the muesli is good now Noona wonders if it's really healthy. Hahaha oh well. 

That's all for today's randomness. 

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