K-in-HongKong: Yum Cha, Central

Anyeong! Noona just came back from a washing hole looking completely satisfied and filled with love from the 8th Prince. Aww Aww Aww. Oh right, sorry about that swooning moment. But Scarlet Heart is really full of fanservice moments and Noona does not mind this one bit since she is living a cruel sad cold life here in reality. Who cares about Noona's sad life? Uhm...okay, please don't throw shits at me like what you did to Prince So!

Okay, back to topic, where are we going today? Today, Noona is going to bring you to a super cool dim sum place in Hong Kong named Yum Cha. Jump!

K-in-HongKong: Yum Cha, Central

Yum Cha is located at Central in Hong Kong. Due to its location, Noona was actually pretty hesitant to come to Yum Cha around 1PM because that's where the office crowd is gonna be right, at peak lunch hour time. Turns out the restaurant is huge enough to cater everybody without having the need to queue (although it seems that the price to eat here is pretty high so yeah..). 

Yum Cha Restaurant in Central Hong Kong

Well, it worked well for us, tourists and we were pretty happy to get a table immediately so that we could proceed with the ordering. Yum Cha has lunch set for 2 people but we were pretty much more interested in their dim sum compared to the main dishes. So we decided to just go ala carte way in ordering our food. 

Yum Cha Restaurant Menu at Central Hong Kong

While we have the time to wait for the food to come, we paid attention to detail and even took picture of them. The bowl used in Yum Cha is quite cute with that fish detail. Okay, there are nothing else to take picture apart from the cute plate.

Eating at Yum Cha Restaurant in Central Hong Kong

Thankfully, our food come shortly after (before we started taking any weird pictures). Now did you see why we prefer to eat dim sum at Yum Cha? Yes, they have fun-looking dim sum like piggy buns and these green alien-ish buns. Hahaha. Let's take a closer look at them, shall we?

Cute Dim Sum at Yum Cha Central Hong Kong

These little green friends are actually green tea buns filled with guess what, green tea egg yolk. If you poke the bun at the right position, it will look like a puking buns. Green puke and yet, still cute. 

Matcha Liu Sa Bun at Central Hong Kong

The next cutie dim sum cannot puke though, because these piggy are filled with BBQ pork. Always a favourite when you ordering dim sum in Hong Kong. Must order! 

Piggy BBQ Buns at Yum Cha Central Hong Kong

Noona's chingu insists on eating something healthy and she chose beetroot fried rice as her so-called healthiest choice of the day. Noona wasn't convinced at all but the beetroot fried rice is surprisingly good. She used to not to have a lot of trust in beetroot after all. And now, she has repent from that wrong believing (in beetroot). :O

Beetroot Fried Rice at Yum Cha Restaurant Hong Kong

We also ordered a normal dim sum because we have not had any normal dim sum since we have landed in Hong Kong, at all. Crab roe siew mai never disappoints. :)

Crab Roe Siew Mai at Yum Cha Restaurant Hong Kong

Right after the siew mai arrived, we spotted something in the menu. Yum Cha sold our favourite snack in Taiwan, the spring onion biscuit (cong you bing). In order to satisfy our nostalgic longing, we immediately ordered one. Hahaha. The taste is not as good as the ones sold in Taipei though. #easilyinfluencedcustomer

Spring Onion Pancake at Yum Cha Central Hong Kong

Yum Cha is located at level 2 of Nan Fung Tower, 173 Des Voeux Road, Central. 

Opening hours: 

Monday to Friday: 11AM - 3PM, 6PM - 10.30PM
Saturday and Sunday: 11AM - 4PM, 6PM - 10.30PM

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