K-in-Singapore: Exploring Duxton Hill, Tanjong Pagar

Anyeong! Today is one of those days when Noona feels blissful she is not at home with her mum and brother because well, it's their bickering day. Oh boy. To be honest with you, staying together with other people under the same roof is challenging especially after you have tasted the feeling of staying on your own. Oh the freedom. Of course there is a con part of staying alone too especially when you are sick. Well, Noona supposes life is like that.

One of the thing that Noona enjoys from her solo-living in Singapore is how easy it is to just go take a walk in the city. Public transport is superb (despite the occasional breakdown) and safe. So in one fine day, Noona took a walk to a quiet and yet, hipster area of Duxton Hill.

K-in-Singapore: Exploring Duxton Hill

If you want to know the trait of hipster area in Singapore, well for a start there must be shophouses (re: traditional houses) around and second, there must be a wall mural. Oh there's the wall mural. 

Wall mural at Duxton Hill Tanjong Pagar Singapore

These particular shophouses looks so awesome. Oh right, what are shophouses? They are basically buildings from the older era which is used as house/ shop/ office. For instance, the ground floor is used as the shop, while second floor is the office and the top floor is where the owner of the shop live. These shophouses aren't allowed to be torn down by the Government so that younger generation of Singapore can see how the historical shophouses look like. 

Pretty shophouses in Duxton Hill Tanjong Pagar

Nowadays, the ground floor of shophouses are usually rented to cafe, restaurant or boutique. The second and top floor of shophouses are usually leased to office (most likely start-ups) or art studio/ gym studio. Noona has a client who lease a floor in a shophouse as its office and it looks pretty cool although ventilation wise, it can be kinda hot and stuffy on a hot summer day. Make sure airconditioner is installed properly if you are renting one. 

Close up look of shophouses in Duxton Hill
All exploration must end on a sweet note and that's where we ended the exploration of Duxton Hill, in one cafe called Flor Patisserie. This cafe is probably the only cafe opens until quite late at night in Duxton Hill so if you are here and feels like chillin out in a cafe, you can make your way here for some caffeine-fix and Japanese cakes. Yum!
Cake and coffee at Flor Patisserie at Duxton Hill

How to go to Duxton Hill: 

Duxton Hill is situated around 10 minutes walk from Exit A of Tanjong Pagar MRT station. 

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