Steal His Look: Lee Jong Suk's Fall Casual Cute

His Look: 
 Ahh Lee Jong Suk... what should I watch now that W (full name: W Two Worlds) is over? I can't get enough of Kang Chul and yet the drama is only 16 episodes. Sad. It seems taht InStyle knows that we can't get enough of Lee Jong Suk's charm and they chose him to feature in their latest pictorial. Aww. If you feel like dressing up your boyfriend/ dongsaeng or if you are a guy, how about getting inspiration from Lee Jong Suk's latest pictorial now? Sweater, jeans and sneakers are what you need to get this fall casual cute look. 
Steal His Look: Lee Jong Suk's Fall Casual Cute
How to steal his look:
1. Timo Weiland Coconut Merino Wool Embroidered Sweater, SGD 418.30 from Saks Fifth Avenue
Timo Weiland Coconut Merino Wool Embroidered Sweater
2. Geometric intarsia crewneck wool sweater, GBP 405 from Kolor
Geometric intarsia crewneck wool sweater from Kolor
3. Tie dyed blue wool sweater, USD 216 from Roberto Collina
Roberto Collina Tie Dyed Wool Sweater
3. Wood wood black alva jeans, SGD 229 from Topman
Wood wood black alva jeans from Topman
4. Men's Slim Fit Jeans, GBP 58 from Paul Smith 
Paul Smith Men's Slim Fit Jeans
5. Nike Air Huarache Ultra Sneakers, SGD 198
Nike Air Huarache Ultra Sneakers
6. Men's Lite Runner Trainers, GBP 65 from Asics
Asics' Men's Gel Lite Runner Trainers

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