K-in-HongKong: Going Crazy in City Super, IFC

One thing that Noona is so looking forward to whenever she's visiting a country is the supermarket. Noona loves snacking the most and in fact, she's currently munching while typing this post. Hahaha sounds unglam she knows. To make matters worse, it is already 10 minutes to 11 at night now but she does not think she will be able to sleep soon so well, let's just enjoy the snack. Nom nom. 

"Come on, shopping at supermarket should feel the same at everywhere else in the world."


Supermarket in different country will sell different things and City Super happens to have a lot of Japanese snacks which Noona loves (some may have been available in Singapore but Noona was not sure about that so well, grab them all!)

"Okay Noona, chill. What snacks are available at City Super in Hong Kong then?" 

Glad you ask that, without further ado:

(1) Pocky for kids

Why Noona call them pocky for kids is mainly because (a) the box is so small (b) the popular characters plastered on the front side of the box. Although to be honest, adults would go ga-ga over Rilakkuma and Hello Kitty too rather than kids. Thomas...okay that one is surely for the kids.  

K-in-HongKong: Going Crazy in City Super, IFC

(2) Home Cafe Biscuits

Noona tried this randomly when she and her best pal travelled to Taiwan (there's City Super in Taipei too, woots!) and this cheese biscuits turn out to be very yummy. Since the name of the brand is Home Cafe Biscuits, Noona supposes the biscuits will go well when paired with coffee but they taste good on their own really. One box only contains 7 biscuit bags (one bag contains 2 biscuits). 

Cheese Biscuit from Japan in City Super

(3) Olive Pretz range

Noona has never seen this range of Pretz before and it seems that the usual thin Pretz sticks has been enlarged. There are only two flavours for Olive Pretz range, cheese and basil. Noona has tasted the cheese one and she finds it to be so - so. Will update this post on the basil one once she has tasted it. 

Olive Pretz Cheese Stick from City Super

(4) Nutella Ferrero B-ready

Did anyone say Nutella? One word of "nutella" at any kind of snack will definitely be bought. The biscuit is basically filled with nutella and wait a minute, this taste a bit like the hazelnut from Ferrero Rocher. Melted Ferrero Rocher and nutella filled in biscuits. Taste good on its own (anything contains nutella or ferrero rocher will not taste bad) and when paired with a cup of coffee.

Nutella B-Ready from City Super Hong Kong

5. Galbo Ball

Galbooooooo! My favourite snacks from Japan (tried and tested the green tea flavor during last year trip to Japan) are available in City Super too. Haven't tried this one yet but the banana choco flavor taste yumz. Suggest to chill them for a while in the fridge before eating. 

Galbo ball nuts from City Super Hong Kong

6. Lindt Creation Chocolate Bars

Noona is sure that both chocolate bars will taste like heaven even though she has not tasted them yet. She has faith in them. LOL.

Lindt creation chocolates from City Super Hong Kong

7. Funky flavoured Pocky and Pretz

Brazilian orange, sweet potato, ice cream and salty chocolate? Only three words required: Buy Them All. 

Pretz and Pocky from City Super Hong Kong

8. Lindt Hello Ranges

Noona bought a lot of these when she travelled to Vienna. The cookies & cream tastes the best but the rest ain't bad either. There are more flavours other than cookies & cream, chocolate sundae and strawberry cheesecake but Noona decided to just stick to these three. 

Lindts Hello Chocolates from City Super Hong Kong

9. Other stuff

If you love chips, you can find varieties of Kettle Chips (has never seen black peppercorn flavour before in Singapore, not sure about sea salt), Nando's chips (yes, even Nando's come up with chips), and Walkers (has never seen Prawn Cocktail, Worchester Sauce and Bacon flavours in Singapore).

Loots from City Super Hong Kong

Noona had to carry back two big shopping bags to the hotel but she still managed to buy a glass of Ten Ren's Cha along the way. Superpower obtained for snacks. Hahaha.

Drink tea from Ten Ren's Cha

City Super's location: 

International Finance Centre Mall
Shop 1041 - 1049, Level 1
Central, Hong Kong

Nearest MTR: Central/ Hong Kong (there's an underpass connecting Central MTR to IFC Mall via Hong Kong MTR)

Opening hours:

10AM - 10PM Daily

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