K-in-HongKong: Taking Cable Car to Lantau Island

Anyeong! Noona thought she must be crazy because she's still lying on her bed at 9AM on Monday morning. "Did I apply for leave? Wait, why I am not working today?" Silly Noona, it's of course public holiday today. Yeay! Public holiday means she can catch up a bit on her Hong Kong series blog posts. Woot! 
Her story continues with the trip to Lantau Island. Every trip requires fuel and even though riding car may not be part of the trip. What she means is fuelling her own tummy, of course. \^0^/. It was drizzling that morning, so Noona decided to go to the nearest breakfast place, McDonalds. The menu is quite similar internationally (the hash brown, the sausage McMuffin) although Hong Kong does sell pasta soup (looks like fusili soup). The drink though, omg, McD in HK has purple soya milk. Like what?? Noona immediately fell in love with this kind of drink. Comfort on a rainy Monday morning.

Breakfast at McDonalds Hong Kong

There are many ways to go to Lantau Island (taxi, bus, cable car, boat) but Noona personally think cable car seems to be the most convenient and fun option. Noona is not the only one who thinks like that so the line to buy ticket at the cable car station is super long. Noona suggests to buy your ticket online because the queue for collection is way way shorter than the queue for purchasing. You just need to bring the e-ticket and the counter staff will print out the real ticket for you. In addition, you can book the timing you'd like to board the cable car. What will happen if you are late? We were actually LATE (McD's too comfortable). The will just usher us to go to the "priority line" and wait for our turn there. No harm there, phew. 

K-in-HongKong: Taking Ngong Ping Cable Car to Lantau Island

The view from the cable car is actually...nothing much. Probably it's because the sky was so gloomy that morning. Well, you can see the ocean. The housing building (or condo, maybe? Hong Kong does not have HDB, right?). This Noona, staying too long in Singapore makes her seen every housing building as "HDB". Hahaha. 

View from inside Ngong Ping cable car

The whole journey takes around 20 minutes but Noona starts getting bored half-way so she started taking selfie. This Noona, really. Be really really warned if you are sharing your cabin with tourists from Mainland China. They totally have no space awareness and totally fine with intruding your space to take picture. People, seriously? 

Selfie inside cable car to Lantau Island

10 minutes later, we could see that we're arriving soon. Thanks goodness. Noona's about to get mad at these "other" tourists. Hahaha. Zen, Noona, zen. 

Cable Car ride to Lantau Island Hong Kong

Pricing for the cable car: 

Standard Round Trip Cable Car - HKD 255 (Adult)/ HKD 170 (Child 3-11)/ HKD 200 (Senior 65+)
Crystal Cabin Round Trip Cable Car - HKD 325 (Adult)/ HKD 245 (Child 3-11)/ HKD 275 (Senior 65+)

If you'd like to sign up for tour package at Lantau Island, you may not need to buy the cable car ticket separately because they are usually included as part of the package. So, do check out for the package first before buying the cable car ticket. Anyeong! 

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