Random thoughts on hypocrisy

Anyeong! Noona wants to be a bit random in this post. She just heard a word "hypocrisy" from some facebook video and she suddenly goes into thinking pose (she does think sometimes). Actually, there is a really a shady line between fake and hypocrisy (okay to be honest they all sound very similar) and to avoid the whole concept especially when you are working in an office filled with of course, the political human being. Oh gawd.

To tell you the truth, Noona had to spend 30 minutes celebrating someone's birthday which Noona does not really care actually and thanks to that, she has to work extra hour because she could not finish her work in time. Being fake (or hypocrite) is sometimes a no-choice option in life because if Noona opted to be real to herself and chose not to celebrate, she would have been at least murmured upon or worse, outcasted. That's gonna make life so burdensome if it ain't already is. Arghh. Ok, that's all.

To end this post, let's think of life when it used to be so simple. When we don't really have to fake to a lot of people.

Random thoughts on hypocrisy

"Oh simple things, where have you gone?"

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