K-in-HongKong: Moomin Cafe, Harbour City Part 2

Anyeong! Noona feels very full from the heavy dinner + beer that she just had with her bestie earlier. That means now is a good time to blog about food since it won't make Noona feels hungry again, especially at this timing. Where were we? Oh right, Noona and her friend finally managed to get their seat inside this popular cafe in Harbour City, Moomin Cafe. To her surprise, the restaurant is not even 100% full. Oh well, it seems that Moomin Cafe calculate the diner turnover pretty slowly, more time to prep the food, probably?

K-in-HongKong: Moomin Cafe, Harbour City Part 2

The waiting for the food part may not be as boring and gruelling as the waiting for the seat part. This is because Moomin Cafe's staff ensure that the characters from Moomin's story are there to accompany you (or to make diners busy taking picture with the characters and hence, forgot about their hungry stomach for a while). You don't have to worry if you have not got the chance to take picture with the character that you like because the cafe staff rotate the characters' location all the time throughout the dinner time. Everyone will have the chance to take picture with Moomin, it seems. 

Eating with Stinky at Moomin Cafe Harbour City

Noona loves to pay a lot of attention to small things when she dines inside a themed cafe. For instance, the utensils...lol.

Utensils at Moomin Cafe Harbour City

The paper coaster...and oh yeay, here comes the Hot Chocolate. If you order Hot Coffee/ Hot Chocolate, you can choose which latte art you would like to see on your coffee/ chocolate. The choices are Moomin, Little My, Snufkin and Hattifatteners. Noona has to choose Moomin of course. <3

Moomin Hot Chocolate at Moomin Cafe Harbour City

Here comes Noona's order of Spaghetti Carbonara which comes with mushroom and ham. The Spaghetti Carbonara tastes oh-so-good just like the pasta she had back in her Europe trip. It's nothing like pasta usually served in Singapore's restaurants (okay, the lower class ones of course, not the high-end ones). Noona was actually quite taken aback because she has pretty low expectation on themed cafe's food. 

Spaghetti Carbonara at Moomin Cafe Harbour City

Noona's travelling buddy also enjoyed her "healthier" option which consists of a huge slab of Norwegian grilled salmon. Tasty! 

Norwegian Grilled Salmon at Moomin Cafe Harbour City

Moomin Cafe is located at Shop 32, Level 3, LCX, Ocean Terminal,
Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui
Hong Kong

Opening hours:

Everyday 11AM - 9.30PM

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