Love your life journey

A quote about life to ponder in the next 15 minutes...

Love your life journey

This week is filled with some sad news for people that Noona knows or at least, close to people that she knows. An old acquitance took a fall and now in coma while a cousin of a friend got killed by a house-burglar in US. Crazy stuff. The scary part of these incidents is there is no way to prevent it or if you want to put these situations in W's lingo, there is no context. They just happened out of the blue and suddenly all that you have done in life may not matter any more. 

This kinda makes Noona thinks what is your priority in life. Are you happy doing what you are doing currently? Are you happy with choices that you make daily? Do you even put yourself first in life?

No matter what your choice is, it is indeed important to enjoy the journey and live life with no regrets. 

Don't forget to meditate on Psalms 91 too, the Psalms of Protection. These days, Noona totally can't go on life without Jesus, really. What she can do without His help and protection? Nothing. 

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