K-in-HongKong: BAKE Cheese Tart, Sogo Causeway Bay

Anyeong! Phew today has been pretty much stormy with the meeting going on in the afternoon. Noona thought the meeting gonna be cancelled because there were only 3 of us including the boss but it seems that's just a wistful thinking. Noona will give herself a pat at the back now that it's over and done. What'd be best after a long day, something sweet and yummy like a Japanese cheese tart. LOL.

K-in-HongKong: BAKE Cheese Tart, Sogo Causeway Bay

Bake Cheese Tart is actually nothing new. Noona has seen the cheese tart shop in Shinjuku Station, Tokyo when she visited Tokyo last year. However, few months after that, Bake Cheese Tart has expanded internationally including Singapore. As usual the line for everything new in town is cray-cray (re: crazy). To be honest with you, Noona has not bought the cheese tart from Singapore's store because she's lazy to queue. So it's really great to find this store in Causeway Bay's SOGO at Hong Kong WITH NO QUEUE. *shriek-in-excitement*

Bake Japanese Cheese Tart in Hong Kong

The cheese tarts are already look so mouth-watering behind the display. Without further ado, we proceeded to buy a few to bring back to the hotel and nomz in delight.

Bake Japanese Cheese Tart

BAKE Cheese Tart's shop in Hong Kong:

Level B2, SOGO, Causeway Bay

Opening hours:

Sunday to Thursday: 10.30AM - 10PM
Friday and Saturday: 10.30AM - 10.30PM

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