K-in-HongKong: Australia Dairy Company, Jordan

Anyeong! One of the activities that Noona enjoys doing the most while she is on holiday is eating breakfast at a leisure pace. Everyday she has to eat breakfast in the office because who has time to eat breakfast at home while you can doze for an extra few minutes. Hehe. If you think your colleagues has the decency to wait until you have finished eating before questioning you some shits, you can wish forever. It won't happen. So yeah, if you are travelling, don't forget to enjoy your breakfast to the max.

If you happen to travel to Hong Kong, you must must must must try having breakfast at Australia Dairy Company. Since the breakfast eatery is located at MTR Jordan, Noona needed to change line at Central MTR and that's when she noted that Hong Kong people do not walk as fast as they used to when Noona visited Hong Kong five years ago. Either Hong Kong people walk slower or Noona walks faster, nobody knows. Hahaha. Another hypothesis is Hong Kong commuters which only start commuting at 9+ walk slower compared to their compatriot who commute at peak hour (i.e. 8 - 9 AM). Okay, never mind, this is really not important. LOL.

K-in-HongKong: Breakfast at Australian Dairy Company, Jordan

The scene of the neighbourhood around Jordan MTR which is full of signages which look pretty much dangerous when typhoon hits the city. Well, maybe they are stronger than they look. 

Jordan neighbourhood at Hong Kong

If you are wondering which one is Australia Dairy Co., you just need to see which building has a long queue formed in front of them.  The queue at 9.30AM was not too bad though and since the restaurant staff make sure that noone dilly dally around inside the restaurant without eating, you can get your seat pretty fast. In fact, Noona only needed to wait for 5 mins. 

Australian Dairy Company at Hong Kong

If you are confused about the menu at Australian Dairy Company, you just need to look at this three colors signboard. Noona's Chinese characters are actually not that advance yet although she could tell that the blue menu has the words "Breakfast" at the top. Since we came in the morning so decided to just go for it, man. Oh right, if you want to get your eggs scrambled, remember to say the magic words in Chinese "chao dan". If not, you will receive a sunny side up instead. Why does Noona make so much fuss about this is mainly because the reason for the long queue formed outside Australia Dairy Company is the scrambled egg. 

Breakfast menu at Australian Dairy Co Hong Kong

Noona opted to drink Hong Kong milk tea why travelling buddy wanted to try milk. White milk, omg. Noona can't withstand drinking pure white milk without any flavor added. Hahaha. 

Tea and Milk at Australian Dairy Co Hong Kong

The highlight of the breakfast set is definitely the scrambled eggs. Totally no idea how Australia Dairy Company cook the scrambled egg (perhaps they learn all the way from Australian chef, who knows) but the egg tastes so good especially when eaten together with the butter toast. Yummy! 

Scrambled Egg Toast at Australian Dairy Co

After the meal, Noona randomly took picture of a random street of Hong Kong and had fun trying new filtering function from Line Camera. That's when she figured out how to show only the red color portion of the picture. Turns out to be quite cool. #filteringalltheway

Goodbye Hong Kong

Australia Dairy Co. is located at:

47-49 Parkes Street Jordan (near Jordan MTR)

Opening hours:

Daily 7.30AM - 11PM

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