K-in-HongKong: Welcome to Ngong Ping Village, Lantau Island

Anyeong! Good morning everyone. Wishing you all a peaceful and cozy Saturday morning. Noona's swollen ankle is getting better and it seems she will be able to continue her poke-hunt in short time (better learn the lesson this time Noona). But now, let's take a walk around Ngong Ping village at Lantau Island shall we?


K-in-HongKong: Welcome to Ngong Ping Village

Anyeong, welcome to Ngong Ping village. The village is actually created for tourism purposes. The design of the village is inspired by certain ancient dynasty of China. So all the stores, cafe and restaurants in Ngong Ping are designed in traditional Chinese building. There is a movie theatre too, Stage 360 but the show times are not really convenient for Noona because she's joining a tour package which starting soon.

Movie Theater at Ngong Ping Village Lantau Island

Meanwhile, aww, what is this lovely wall filled with butterflies. A cool place to take an OOTD snapshot. *snap*

Flower and Butterfly Wall at Ngong Ping Village

Since we still have the time before joining the package tour to Tai O and Bid Buddha, we just randomly browsed the surrounding stores in this Ngong Ping neighbourhood. Master Q (re: Lao Fu Zi) seems to be very famous here in Hong Kong too. The comic is originated in Taiwan and Noona's appa is a fan of this comic. You don't really have to be able to read Chinese characters if you want to read it because most of the comic strips don't even have dialogue. 

Souvenir Store in Ngong Ping Lantau Island

If you have kids, you can buy them toys here. The stores even have diorama of well, anyone know which bank is this Standup Brother Bank? LOL.

Toy Store at Ngong Ping Lantau Island

Do check out its 7-11 because 7-11 in different country may sell different things. Back then, Chun Cui He's famous Taiwan milk tea has not been banned yet in Singapore and people went completely crazy hunting them down. Hong Kong people on the other hand seems to be pretty chill about this drink and you could find them at any 7-11 without having to fight with other customers. Not sure if Chun Cui He was then banned after that but Noona has managed to taste a bottle of it, the Green Milk tea taste, so she's pretty contented with it. Hahaha.

Chun Cui He Green Milk Tea in Hong Kong

There is a Starbucks here too if you'd like to find a resting place in this area.

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