K-in-HongKong: Urban Bakery Works, the Landmark

Anyeong! Our storyteller, Noona, has had a rough day today. Incessant emails asking questions, re-asking questions, even up to the point asking for meetings. Arghh. Noona wonders if she enjoys watching drama where the main characters survive through hardship in life to reach happy ending (not for some). Oh right, talking about Korean drama, W the Two Worlds ended yesterday and Noona has just had the time to watch the ending (with subs, of course). Awesome drama, even though the ending looks a bit forced, Noona still admire the tinge of creativity inside the ending. She will surely feel void tomorrow without W to entertain her. =*(

Oh right, since life seems annoying, let's just jump to those happy days when Noona was travelling to Hong Kong, shall we?

*transported to Central, Hong Kong*

K-in-HongKong: Urban Bakery Works, The Landmark

Anyeong! Welcome to Central, Hong Kong. Central actually kinda looks like a Central Business District in Hong Kong (which probably how the Govt decided the name of the MTR station and the area). Noona did not work here obviously but she went to Central anyway because her Chingu (re: same age friend) was really really eager to try croissants in Urban Bakery Works (yesh, croissant, no kidding). 

Urban Bakery Works at the Landmark Central

Urban Bakery Works is a cafe situated inside the Landmark, a prominent shopping centre/ office building in Central. The shopping centre section of the Landmark is basically rented to all those branded store such as Hermes, Dior, Miu Miu, etc (all the stores which Noona feels she's too poor to even enter the stores). 

Urban Bakery Works Cafe at the Landmark

Since we came at 9.30 on a weekday morning, there were less crowds inside the cafe. But, Noona notices that the cafe patrons around that timing are usually...not local. Well, she supposes Hong Kong people loves to work so hard and who has time to go drink coffee at 9.30AM, right? Even Noona would not dream of that in her daily worklife in Singapore. Right, back to the croissants...*focus*, well croissants seem to be the main dishes of Urban Bakery Works since they have a lot of different variety of croissants put on display.

Croissants at Urban Bakery Works the Landmark

Dear Chingu apparently has done some research and she looks very determined in choosing the croissant's fillings. She came back with two croissants on her hands, one filled with butter while the oner filled with yellow liquid. 

Butter and Salted Egg Yolk Croissants from Urban Bakery Works

The butter croissant looks like a Chinese bolo bun but instead of the bolo bun, Urban Bakery Works uses croissant instead. The croissant is actually pretty good. Crunchy, sweet and savory at the same time. Taste well when eaten with butter. 

Butter Croissant at Urban Bakery Works Hong Kong

The yellow liquid inside the other croissant is the salted egg yolk (which has gained popularity in 2016, god-knows-why). Noona really needs to master how to cut a salted egg yolk croissant in a beautiful way because everytime she tries to make it more pisturesque, she ends up making it grosteque. Oh well. Salted egg yolk croissant taste not bad too but better eat this while the filling is still hot. Otherwise, you will end up with cold yellow liquid inside your croissant. 

Salted Egg Yolk Croissant at Urban Bakery Works The Landmark
Urban Bakery Works also sells the usual Western coffees and teas. But since, our foodie trip has just started that day, Noona would rather save some space for the next meal instead of having coffee here. 

Urban Bakery Works is situated at
Shop 322, Level 3, Landmark Atrium

Opening hours

Monday to Friday: 7.30AM - 8PM
Saturday and Sunday: 8.30AM - 8PM

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