K-in-HongKong: Noona Loves the Smurfs at Harbour City

Anyeong! Noona hopes you guys are not sick of the Smurfs yet. If you are...please bear with Noona because she has one more post about these little Blue friends. Hahaha. Noona was quite surprised that the Smurfs exhibition is not only indoor but also outdoor. The outdoor exhibition is huge and since it's the last weekend of the exhibition, the crowd is crazy. 

K-in-HongKong: Noona Loves the Smurfs at Harbour City

Despite the crowd and the heat, Noona quite enjoyed the whole exhibition because she could meet some of these blue little friends like Painter Smurf which has a great skill at painting other Smurf. 

Painter Smurf at Harbour City Hong Kong

Wild Smurf who is so happy playing around his element, flowers and shrub. 

Wild Smurf at Harbour City Hong Kong

Chef who is happily making food. Oh, that cake does look good, yum! Chef delivers the food right to the perfect smurf, Greedy Smurf who will happily eat whatever food Chef prepares for him (and yet Greedy is not fat, what is this sorcery??).

Hungry and Chef Smurfs at Harbour City Hong Kong

Baby Smurf. So cute. Nobody taking picture with baby maybe because whoever taking picture with baby needs to at least kneel down. Hahaha.

Baby Smurf at Harbour City Hong Kong

Grouchy Smurf looks pretty displeased, probably because the kids keep touching him while he's busy helping Builder Smurf painting house. 

Angry and Builder Smurf at Harbour City Hong Kong

When Noona thought that's all the exhibition is about, there is another section of Smurfs exhibition inside this huge shopping mall, Harbour City. It is calleed Smurfs' summer school. The exhibition gives some interactive games which are suitable for kids. 

Smurfs Summer School at Harbour City Hong Kong

Strong Smurf is more proud at his ability to carry all the books instead of reading them. Ha! 

Brainy Smurf at Harbour City Hong Kong

Okay, that's all about The Smurfs. Noona is pretty entertained by this exhibition. Hopefully, Harbour City keeps bringing in fun exhibitions like this especially when Noona visits Hong Kong again the next time. =)

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