K-in-HongKong: Egg Tarts from Tai Cheong Bakery, Central

Anyeong! It has been four days since Noona injured her ankle and obviously gym is still a no-no for her *cry*. Totally no idea how to burn all those calorie intakes. Oh well, let's not condemn ourselves and enjoying ourselves a little bit now that the ankle need a rest. Hahaha. Thankfully, there are no holidays planned anytime soon so there should be enough time for a full recovery before the next trip. *amen*

But it's kinda bored not being able to walk around that far though. In times like these, thanks goodness for the internet. You can basically imagine yourself walking from one place to another just by reading someone's else travel story. As for Noona's, let's just jump to a street in busy Central Hong Kong. Jump!

K-in-HongKong: Egg Tarts from Tai Cheong Bakery

Anyeong! We are now in Hong Kong again and oh wow, it's morning when we transported ourselves here (wild imagination is necessary to avoid insanity of being boring). It was actually a Monday morning and while most people are busy under their paperworks, Noona and her chingu are busy hunting one of the best delicacies in Hong Kong, egg tarts! 

Egg tarts from Tai Cheong Bakery Hong Kong

The reason of why we went all the way to Central to hunt down egg tarts is because we always see a long queue in front of Tai Cheon's newly opened store in Takashimaya at Singapore. We think we may as well try the original one in Hong Kong since the queue will not be that exaggerated. And voila! No queue. Hong Kong people are probably bored to death eating egg tarts anyway. 

Two Egg Tarts from Tai Cheong Bakery Hong Kong

There are not seats inside Tai Cheong bakery as they are meant for take-aways only. So we could only bring it back with us and eat it at the atrium of the Landmark. A lot of people enjoying themselves chilling out nearby the fountain so we would not look weird if we hang out there and enjoying our egg tarts.

Eating Tai Cheong egg tarts in Hong Kong

Noona prefers Portuegese egg tarts compared to Hong Kong egg tarts but Tai Cheong's one taste not bad. If you ask her, what is her best egg tart so far, the answer would still be Lord Stow's. 

Tai Cheong Egg Tarts Hong Kong
Tai Cheong Bakery is located at

35 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central
Hong Kong

Opening hours:

Everyday 7.30AM to 9PM

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