K-in-HongKong: Moomin Cafe, Harbour City Part 1

Okay, apparently eating at Harbour City, one of the most popular shopping malls in Hong Kong, around 7PM on a Saturday is a very very bad decision ever. Every restaurants have long queue formed in front of the entrance. We were getting tired and hungry too from all the walking. When we were at this situation, we were at Lcx section of this mega shopping centre and it would be a long way to go back to the MTR area. That's when we decided to just join the queue of one of the nearby restaurants. And the nearest restaurant from our location was Moomin Cafe.

K-in-HongKong: Moomin Cafe, Harbour City

We used the queue machine which generate queue number based on how many people dining. We thought the queue won't be long until we realised that the number was not generated in orderly fashion. It jumps from A to C to B and any random number with no particular sequence. Faintz. 

Moomin Cafe at Harbour City

Oh well, one of the things which you could do is to check out the menu first. You could grab the menu book from the table located in front of the store. Some of the popular dishes are on bigger display though. It seems that Moomin Cafe serves Western food. 

Dinner Menu at Moomin Cafe Harbour City

30 minutes later, Noona got seriously bored and tired from all the standing (yes, standing does make you tired too) but we saw people coming from one restaurant to another just to check out the queue so every restaurants in the mall seem to be in "FULLY CROWDED" condition at 7.30PM-ish. 

Moomin Dolls at Moomin Cafe Harbour City

Finally, Noona and her dinner buddy could get their table at 7.45PM. Oh my gawd, the way to dine in Moomin Cafe seems to be as far as the painted road in the painting hanged inside the restaurant (oh apparently Noona still has the energy to joke...lol). 

Moomin Painting at Moomin Cafe Harbour City

Jolly seated, with Little My sitting right opposite Noona. 

Little My Plush Doll at Moomin Cafe

If you are a fan of Moomin, you will squeal with happiness because this is basically a themed cafe which allow you to eat with the characters from the Moomin's story. However, so far, Noona has not seen anyone coming alone to really eat one-on-one with one of these characters though. Probably Saturday night is not really the best time for solo-diners to pop in. =P

Noona will cover more on the food and the characters in Moomin Cafe in the next post as the pictures are quite a lot for one blog post. Until then, anyeong! 

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