K-in-HongKong: The Smurfs Creative Model Exhibition, Harbour City

Noona really loves exhibition especially when it involves cute characters like Hello Kitty, One Piece, LINE, etc. Sadly, she figures that Singapore does not really like to show these kind of exhibitions if compared to let's say Taiwan or Hong Kong. True enough, when she came to Hong Kong for a short break, there are really all kind of exhibition in Hong Kong from Chibi Maruko chan to Smurfs to even, Saint Seiya. 
Since we have seen the Chibi Maruko chan exhibition in Noona's previous posts, let's check out The Smurfs Creative Model Exhibition, shall we?

K-in-HongKong: The Smurfs Creative Model Exhibition, Harbour City

The indoor exhibition focuses on the Smurfs doing different activities which Noona thinks forming part of their daily life. First, they form an orchestra and play music together. These Smurfs can play better music than Noona. 

The Smurfs Exhibition Harbour City Part 1

Second, a Smurf tend to the garden while the other one is smoking fish. 

The Smurfs Exhibition Harbour City Part 2

Smurfs will not be able to build house without the architect Smurfs. 

The Smurfs Exhibition Part 3 Harbour City

The carpenter Smurf is also working very hard creating all kind of things from prop to the stage for the play involving Gargamel's doll. The villain seems to be the joke in the Smurfs' village everyday.

The Smurfs Exhibition Part 4 Harbour City

Oh no, laugh too fast. Some of the Smurfs are captured by the evil villain. Don't worry, little friends, Noona is quite sure Papa Smurf is currently thinking of a good plan to save you all. 

The Smurfs Exhibition Part 5 Harbour City

While the rescue mission is being carried out, some Smurfs must stay behind to keep up with the laundry. 

The Smurfs Exhibition Part 7 Harbour City

Our friends are back safely, let's take picture to commemorate this happy day. 1, 2, 3, say cheese!

The Smurfs Exhibition Part 8 Harbour City

Noona has never thought that Smurfs can be so ambitious, they even can build a rocket??? Suddenly Noona feels like living in the Smurfs village because it sure does look so fun from her daily routine. Shucks. 

The Smurfs Exhibition Part 9 Harbour City

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