Steal Her Style: Hyomin's Casual Hang Out Style

Her Style:
Noona always like the red carpet style which is shown by a lot of Korean idols during a store opening of a fashion night. They are not restricted to that elegant-long-dress as long as they are wearing the design of whoever designer owns the shop/ boutique. Noona's favourite choice of boutique is those which combines casual and formal style. For instance, Hyomin did not really wear long dresses and she chose to come in a pretty casual look (from Noona's point of view) to the opening of Eight Seconds (which Noona feels like visiting if she's coming to Seoul). Long black knitted top and high waisted shorts, now that is a style that all of us can copy, right? Yeay! Jump!
Steal Her Look: Hyomin's Long Sleeves Top and Shorts

How to steal her look:

1. Strappy back knit top, USD 10.90 from Forever 21

Strappy back knit top from Forever 21

2. Floral tailored shorts, GBP 17 from Miss Selfridge

Floral tailored shorts from Miss Selfridge

3. Cactus print pyjama shorts, GBP 32 from Topshop

Cactus print pyjama shorts from Topshop

4. Jumper in rib, SGD 34.78 from Asos

Jumper In Rib from Asos

 5.  Velvel block heels tied up shoes, SGD 104.34 from River Island

River Island Velvet Block Heel Tie Up Shoe
5. Playwright high heels, SGD 65.21 from Asos


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