Steal His Look: Kang Ha Neul's How to Wear Tartan Trousers

His Look: 

 Today is Monday and what's better than going through Monday night other than by watching Wang Wookie~~~ (fangirlmode on). But the thing is, English sub is not up yet at the moment, so Noona must be patient until tomorrow. Meanwhile, since she can't get enough of Wookie (you too, don't lie!), why don't we discuss about Wookie's modern casual style (okay Noona means Kang Ha Neul's of course because the whole Goryeo will think the 8th Prince going bonker by wearing these weird stuff). Hahaha.

Jump~~ (with Kang Ha Neul's arms..ok, enough)
Steal His Look: Kang Ha Neul's How to Wear Tartan Trousers
How to steal his look:

1. White muscle fit roller t-shirt, GBP 10 from Topman
White muscle fit roller t-shirt from Topman

2. White Snoopy Charlie print t-shirt, GBP 22 from Topman
White Snoopy Charlie print t-shirt from Topman

3. Cheap Monday t-shirt in white, SGD 60.52 from ASOS
Cheap Monday t-shirt with It Wasn't Me embroidery in white

4. Navy and grey stretched slim trousers, GBP 35 from Topman
Navy and grey check stretched slim trousers from Topman

5. Number Eight savile row exclusive mini check trousers with stretch in skinny fit, SGD 52.45 from ASOS
Number Eight Savile Row Exclusive Mini Check Trousers with Stretch in Skinny Fit

6. Noose and Monkey Green Tartan Trousers, SGD 293.53 from ASOS
Noose and Monkey Green Tartan Trousers from ASOS

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