K-in-HongKong: Shopping Adventure at The One, Tsim Sha Tsui

Anyeong! This is the first time Noona has visited a shopping mall named The One in Tsim Sha Tsui. Is it quite new? She did not recall seeing The One back when she visited Hong Kong in 2014 but probably it's because she's more focused on visiting Harbour City. Well, it does not matter because now, she finally had a chance to take a closer look at the stores available inside the One. For a start, the store right at the entrance of the One sells Baymax's theme clothes. Oh my gawd, on the scale of one to ten, how high is your excitement level?

Chocolate Store at The One Hong Kong

Turns out there are so many concept store inside the One. If you go further up, you will see Miffy in front of her own store.

Miffy Statue at The One Hong Kong

And this yellow duck called b-duck. You know that few years ago, a big floating yellow duck is making a big hoo-ha by swimming in the water of some countries (Hong Kong included). This b-duck reminds Noona of that big floating yellow duck. Hehe. The b-duck concept store is pretty interesting and it is having a summer sale for certain items. 

B Duck Store at The One Hong Kong

There was a queue line right at level one (or basement) of the shopping mall because the One is currently having an exhibition featuring Chibi Maruko-chan. You can take picture with Maruko while she's vacationing in Italy. But, you need to queue for, probably, a while since the queue line looks pretty long to take picture with her. Maruko seems to be very popular with Hong Kong people.
Chibi Maruko Chan in Italy at The One Hong Kong

Okay, Noona never thinks that she will end up making her wallet thinner at the One by buying not one but two pairs of shoes. In her defense, she never sees these kind of shoes in Singapore. Well, you never see a pair of slip-ons featuring Sadness from Inside Out now, don't you?

Sadness Slipons from Ete Hong Kong

The next pair of shoes is actually not that rare. Noona has seen people wearing Adidas Stan Smith on streets but usually the color is green or red. This pair comes in pink and so...well..obviously, they are in Noona's hands now. XD

Adidas Stan Smith from The One Hong Kong
There are so many boutiques too so if you are looking to buy unique clothes which obviously not easy to find in Singapore, you can check them out.  The One is located at 100 Nathan Road in Tsim Sha Tsui area. It opens from 11AM to 11PM everyday.

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