K-in-Singapore: Skillet Pancakes at D'Good Cafe, Holland Village

Haze came back to Singapore yesterday and it was really not a good feeling when you open your window and smell burnt smoke the first in the morning. Thankfully, the haze was not that bad at night but to be on safe side, dinner buddy and Noona decided to hide in the comfort of air-conditioned room at D'Good Cafe in Holland Village. 
K-in-Singapore: D'Good Cafe, Holland Village

This was the first time Noona visited D'Good Cafe on a Friday night and the cafe was not as packed as how it usually is on weekends. Noona even manages to get table on the 2nd floor and not, 3rd floor. She feels like drinking something with no caffeine inside as she does not want to lie awake at night so she ended up following dinner buddy's order, fruit juice it is. 

Fruit juices at D'Good Cafe Holland Village

Dinner buddy has been raving on about the latest addition to D'Good Cafe's menu, the skillet pancakes. These pancakes seem to be quite popular in town as Noona remembers spotting another restaurant in Paragon selling similar stuff. The preparation for the skillet pancakes take approximately 30 minutes for both the sweet and savoury pancakes. So be prepared to wait.

Skillet Pancakes at D'Good Cafe Holland Village

We initially chose Spanish chorizo and squid pancake but the cafe staff informed us that they've run out of the ingredients. Oh well, we ended up ordering the parma ham and melon pancake instead. It is quite good and light on the taste aspect. So if you don't like your savoury pancake to give you heavy taste, you may like this one. Noona thinks it tastes light because there is no sauce whatsoever sprinkled on the pancake. 

Skillet Pancakes at D'Good Cafe Holland Village

While the same lightness cannot be felt from the sweet counterpart. We ordered Tiramisu Pancake and it really comes with a small slice of tiramisu cake on the top of the pancake. Chocolate sauce and few bits of strawberry and white sugar are sprinkled on top of the pancake. 

Tiramisu Pancake at D'Good Cafe

Both pancakes taste good although Noona does not feel so full after eating them. She's really a big eater, huh. Hahaha. On D'Good Cafe is currently having a promotion for its new outlet at Takashimaya Shopping Centre at Orchard. You can get 1-for-1 coffee until 30 September 2016. Go get them while the promotion lasts.

D'Good Cafe current promotion

D'Good Cafe is located at:

(1) 273 Holland Avenue, Holland Village
(2) #B1-56 Takashimaya Shopping Centre, Ngee Ann City, Orchard

Opening hours:

Mon - Thurs, Sun - 10AM to 10PM
Fri and Sat - 10AM to 11PM

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