K-in-Singapore: Bread Street Kitchen, Marina Bay Sands

Noona knows that people come and go but it really brings a pain in her work when a lot of co-workers doing this around the same period. In summary, her pay does not cover responsibilities shoved down by people who left. Zzz. Oh well, at least there's the farewell lunch. The funny thing about this farewell lunch is the person who's leaving pay for the lunch. This is the first time Noona has encountered such culture. Usually it's the other way around, no? Looking at the chosen venue, Bread Street Kitchen, Noona secretly breathed a huge sigh of relief. LOL. #nomoney
K-in-Singapore: Bread Street Kitchen, Marina Bay Sands

A prior reservation is a must if you want to secure a table at Bread Street Kitchen. Well this is understandable since the restaurant is helmed by chefs trained by none other than the famous celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay. Reservation these days seems to be a lot easier than when the restaurant just newly opened though. All meals will be started by a complimentary basket of bread served with butter. This alone has made Noona a happy diner.

Bread basket from Bread Street Kitchen

This was the third time Noona dining at Bread Street Kitchen but yet the first time she has ever tried some starters (usually she will dive straight into the main thanks to the price-tag, once again, cheapskate). The seared scallop taste good with a tinge of sweetness. They go well with the sauce too.  Noona feels like she is one of the judges in Masterchef kitchen whenever she eats scallop. LOL.

Baked scallops from Bread Street Kitchen Singapore

The garlic butter prawns are not bad either. Don't forget to drizzle the lemon juice a bit on top of them before eating. This makes the taste even more tangier and yummier. Everyone on the table seems to enjoy the starter like people from Let's Eat, the famous Korean drama about eating. Hahaha.

Prawn cocktail from Bread Street Kitchen Singapore

Since this is considered a corporate event, Noona feels a bit embarassed taking too many pictures so she could only take picture of whatever dish located near to her seat. Just like this roasted pork belly served with apple slaw. The pork belly is nice, especially the crispy skin but it can get a bit dry if not eaten together with the apple slaw. 

Pork belly from Bread Street Kitchen Singapore
The other mains, fish and cheap and the beef steak are nice too. Noona loves the beef steak the most, it's a pity she could not get a picture of it. Maybe next time, she will consider dining alone here. Just her and the steak. Hehehe. Bread Street Kitchen is located at L1-81 The Shoppes, Marina Bay Sands. Operating hours: Monday - Thursday: 11.30AM - 1AM Friday: 11.30AM - 2AM Saturday: 7.30AM - 2AM Sunday: 7.30AM - 1AM

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