K-in-Singapore: Masizzim, 313 Somerset

Noona is getting hungry at 20 minutes to midnight. She should have a more fulfilling dinner just now but oh well. If you want to ensure your fullness lasts til a few hours, Noona suggests you to eat Korean dishes. They are by nature are served in a pretty big portion and hence, very very filling. No idea on where to go to have Korean food in Singapore, how about having a Korean style stew at Masizzim at 313 Somerset?

K-in-Singapore: Masizzim, 313 Somerset

There used to be a very very long queue when Masizzim has just opened in Singapore. Few months down the road, Noona does not have to queue at all to secure a table for two in Masizzim. Daebak! 

As Masizzim specialises in stew, Noona and her dinner buddy ordered a pot of Korean chicken stew for 1-2 pax portion. We ordered the smallest portion not because we are small eater obviously.

Korean Beef Stew at Masizzim 313 Somerset

More like it's because we want to order more stuff (and thus, eat more) like this big plate of Pajeon (re: Korean spring onion pancake). Whenever you order Korean pancake in any establishment, do note that most likely the pancake is big. Bigger than your face, even. So yeah, order reasonably. LOL.

Spring Onion Pancake at Masizzim 313 Somerset

Both the chicken stew and the spring onion pancake tastes yummy. Noona is a Korean food lover so she likes the kimchi taste in the stew. While pajeon cannot go wrong, especially when dipped in the black sauce. Yum yum yum!

Masizzim is located at the level B3 of 313 Somerset right next to Chir Chir. 

It opens everyday from 11AM to 10PM (Fri and Sat to 11PM).

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