K-in-Singapore: Dong Po Colonial Cafe, Kandahar Street

Saturday afternoon and Noona is currently enjoying her afternoon tea break at one of the vintage cafe in Singapore, Dong Po Colonial Cafe. The vintage-looking cafe is situated at Kandahar Street, which is one of the street around Kampung Glam area. You would have to walk a bit either from Bugis MRT or Nicoll Highway MRT but it seems that there will be an even nearer MRT station around there. Until then, let's walk and shed some fats (if you are not that slim, like Noona).
Dong Po Colonial Cafe Singapore

Noona loves vintage cafe. You can check out a lot of random old school stuff inside the cafe like old lamps, old type writer, old books, old household utensils, the list goes on. Even the wooden chairs and table look like they come from colonial era. Hahaha.

Inside Dong Po Colonial Cafe Singapore

Right, let's focus on the food on display now. Dong Po Colonial Cafe offers a selection of traditional and modern dessert. It also serves Singapore style coffee (yes, hello to Kopi O, Kopi C, Teh O, Teh C, etc). So many selection on display, Noona will meditate for a while now...

Cakes display at Dong Po Colonial Cafe

...okay, order has been made! At the end, Noona cheated a bit by taking a peek of what the customers in front of her ordered. The triangle chocolate cake seems to be quite a popular item because all customers (okay, 2) in front of her ordered that so she followed blindly. The cake in front of the triangle has interesting name containing "rum". Cake + a bit of alcohol = a real pleasure so there you go. The rum cake turns out to be the best cake of the day.

Chocolate cakes at Dong Po Colonial Cafe Singapore

In addition to the two cakes above, Noona (and her friend) added this almond macaron, which looks bigger than the normal macaron.  She could not really taste the almond in this macaron. Okay, to be honest, this macaron tastes a tad too sweet for her liking. 

Macaron at Dong Po Colonial Cafe Singapore

Thankfully the Teh C does not taste super sweet because Noona mentioned the two magical words in Singaporean coffee stall "siew dai". If you want your coffee or tea to be less sweet in Singapore's traditional coffee stall, just mention these two magic words and the uncle/ aunty will definitely understand you. 

Tea time at Dong Po Colonial Cafe
Dong Po Colonial Cafe's address

56 Kandahar Street, Singapore

Dong Po Colonial Cafe's opening hours:

Sunday to Thursday: 8AM - 8PM
Friday and Saturday: 8AM - 10PM

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