K-in-HongKong: Chibi Maruko Chan Exhibition in The One, Tsim Sha Tsui

Monday has always been a torture to Noona and it even more so when you have to impress people who don't care or don't really matter in order to keep the job safe. Zzz. Okay, enough ranting about Monday since Noona has eaten and hence, in a better mood now. Oh right, last weekend was a blast because Noona was in Hong Kong and she saw that there is this cute Chibi Maruko-chan exhibition right in front of The One, one of Hong Kong's shopping mall in Tsim Sha Tsui.

K-in-HongKong: Chibi Maruko Chan Exhibition at The One

The good thing about this exhibition is there is a proper queue line which is guarded with the shopping mall's staff to ensure that there are only a limited number of people at one time inside the exhibition. This is great as this helps everybody not to photobomb each other or fight over certain Maruko-chan inside the exhibition. Noona only needs to wait around 10 minutes or so. That's more than enough to test out the selfie-stick.

Waiting line for Chibi Maruko Chan exhibition at The One Hong Kong

There is a total of four rows of Maruko-chan for you to choose. Some have normal expression, while some have weirder expression.

Chibi Maruko Chan Exhibition at the One Hong Kong

Noona finds the row of Maruko(s) on the right side to be cuter but everyone has different taste. The yellow haired Maruko gives a particularly cute "blank" face. Kawaii~~~

Chibi Maruko Chan Figures at The One Hong Kong

The flowerbed shaped in Maruko-chan's face is so beautiful. Could not help not to take picture with it. 

Chibi Maruko Chan Flowers at The One Hong Kong

Noona chose to stand behind Maruko who gives an awkward expression but she does realise that she gives this expression occasionally too. Hehehe.

Taking picture with Maruko chan at The One Hong Kong

"Maruko, why you give Noona such an awkward look when Noona kiss you?". At this point of the post, Noona just realises that Maruko should refer to her as Unni instead of Noona. #failkoreanlanguage

Kissing Pink-Haired Maruko chan at the One Hong Kong

If you want to see Maruko-chan, do come to the One quickly as the exhibition lasts only until 31 August, which is pretty soon. 

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