3D2N Bandung Trip: Good Chat at Roemah Kopi (part 1)

If you are looking for a traditional cafe to drink coffee while enjoying the night chatting and chilling out with your friend in Bandung, you may want to make your way up to Roemah Kopi. History said that Roemah Kopi was used to be a real house not opened to public. The owner then received creative inspiration to open the house as a cafe instead. 

3D2N Bandung Trip: Good Chat at Roemah Kopi (part 1)

Roemah Kopi is decorated with a lot of traditional furnitures and tools. You will really feel like you are dining in someone's house from many years back. Back before the modernisation of the city Noona supposes.

Roemah Kopi at Bandung Indonesia

Since it was already late when Noona reached Roemah Kopi and the cafe adopts romantic dimly light concept, she kinda feels that the vibe is more like haunted house. But thankfully the cafe is full house that night. Hahaha.

Inside Roemah Kopi in Bandung Indonesia

If you opt for the seatings at the highest level of Roemah Kopi, you will be able to see the lights of the city of Bandung down there. Noona is not particularly interested in the lights but a lot of people prefer to sit with this view especially when they come with their loved ones. Well, the romance is in the air with the lights, maybe?

The city lights view of Bandung city in Indonesia

Roemah Kopi serves a fusion of Western and Indonesian cuisines. As the weather up here is cooler than the downtown Bandung, Noona ordered corn cream soup but instead of croutons, Roemah Kopi serves the soup with a normal white bread instead. Weird, to be honest with you, but any bread works well with cream soup, somehow.

Corn cream soup at Roemah Kopi Bandung

You must go for their coffee as Roemah Kopi is well known for their good coffee. Make sure not to mix so much sugar though as the coffee can become very sweet. 

Coffee at Roemah Kopi Bandung

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