K-in-Hong Kong: The Hotel and the Transportation

Noona is finally on her must-deserved-break. Work has been so burdensome lately it's really taking a toll on Noona. The trip to Hong Kong was short (4 days 3 nights) but as it is not her first time visit to Hong Kong, it was good enough. And damaging enough to her wallet. LOL. 
After 3.5 hours of flying, Noona finally reached Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA). There are a few things that you can do here before going to your hotel. First, you may want to rent a portable wifi device. Noona rented one from the first stall she saw upon exiting the immigration and baggage area, WifiBB. WifiBB have 4 days data-plan (5GB data) for 32SGD. Noona thinks this is good enough as she can always turn on her Google Map whenever she got lost in the bustling city of Hong Kong.
K-in-HongKong: The Hotel and the Transportation

Another thing that you may want to do is arranging for your airport shuttle instead of taking Train from Airport. If you are taking train from HKIA, chances are you have to lug your luggage all the way until you have reached your hotel. There may be a lot of stairs involved in between the airport and your hotel so Noona does not really recommend taking the train. You can go to one of the stalls offering transport to hotel (we booked one with Vigor Bus). Once the timing is confirmed, the airport shuttle staff will guide you to the waiting area and inform you accordingly if the bus is ready for departure.

Airport Hotelink Limousine Ticket

Got bored while waiting but the airport shuttle staff can come anytime so it's time for a selfie. 

Selfie while waiting for airport hotel shuttle

After 15-20 minutes ride from HKIA, we have arrived at the doorstep of Butterfly on Hollywood which is situated in Sheung Wan. Butterfly is an affordable hotel chain in Hong Kong and this is the second time Noona staying with them. Their trademark decoration is the pillow shaped in red flower and the butterfly pins pinned to the pillows on the bed. The room may not be big but it is considered big enough for Hong Kong standard. 

Double bedroom at Butterfly on Hollywood Hong Kong

To save space, the sink is located outside the shower room. Complimentary two bottles of water are provided each day. In addition, there is a smartphone equipped with data plan provided for free in the room. You can actually just use this smartphone to navigate your way if you don't want to get the WifiBB. On top of the smartphone, you can also rent selfie stick, powerbank, and phone lenses. Awesome!

Inside double bedroom at Buttlefly on Hollywood

Ready to roam the city once we have checked in and change into our summer gear. It is now summer in Hong Kong so make sure you get yourself hydrated at all times. TenRen's Tea sells a super nice jasmine green tea if you are looking for a recommendation.

Ten Ren's Tea at Hong Kong

Anyeong Hong Kong!

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