K-in-Indonesia: Tony Roma's PX Pavilion, St Moritz Jakarta

Not sure what went into her Dongsaeng when Noona went back home two months ago, he kept proposing the idea of eating steak in Tony Roma's, the international steakhouse which is known for two things, the yummy steak and the high price you need to pay. Tony Roma's used to be inaccessible from our house because traffic is a bitch in Jakarta. However, since they have opened a new branch near our area, it is now pretty easy to reach the restaurant. You just have to come on the non-peak timing in order to secure a parking spot. 
Our dinner starts with a complimentary basket of bread.
Tony Roma's Px Pavilion Jakarta

Oma and Dongsaeng were pretty enthusiastic about Tony Roma's rendition of mushroom cream soup, calling it the best mushroom cream soup they have ever tasted in town so far. Noona tasted the soup a bit and well, it is really good. 

Mushroom Cream Soup from Tony Roma's

The next appetizer which arrived to our table surprised us big time due to its jumbo size. Initially Noona and Dongsaeng were thinking of ordering the small platter but Omma insisted that we would not be full with small platter and as a result, this humongous platter arrived on our table. To make matters worse, the onion rings are kinda soggy and hence, it is really a struggle effort to eat this platter. Zzz.

Big Platter from Tony Roma's

Uh oh, we kinda forgot about the nachos. Suddenly Noona hopes she has a black hole in her stomach where everything will be digested and the fat disappear somehow into the dark matter in the outer space.

Nachos and platter from Tony Roma's

Thankfully, we only ordered two mains instead of one main for each person. Omma's healthier order of grilled salmon fillet served with baked red beans and mashed potato. 

Salmon Fillet from Tony Roma's

The baby back ribs is a must to order here in Tony Roma's. The restaurant serves the ribs in so many different sauce, we were kinda having a difficulty ordering but at the end, we stick to the original BBQ sauce and it did not disappoint. To make it different, Dongsaeng chose fries instead of mash potatoes to go with the baby back ribs. The mains are pretty much as good as the raving goes but never ever order the jumbo platter which comes with the onion rings as they are pretty much soggy. Yucks!

Baby Back Ribs from Tony Roma's

If you would like to check Tony Roma's locations in Jakarta, you can see in their website here: 


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