What did Yoona wear? A denim dress.

Being said the most angelic member in the Girls Generation, Yoona shows a lot of playful fashion style. Noona supposes being angelic does not mean you always have to show up in whites. Hahaha.

There is this one airport fashion picture of Yoona which was taken from OSEN. Yoona is sporting a modest and yet stylist Fit and Flare Denim Dress ($498) by Korean designer duo, Steve J & Yoni P. A lot of Korean celebrities and idols are wearing the items designed by this duo. Sooyoung, a fellow SNSD member, is also another fan of this duo. 

Yoona is also wearing a fuchsia Kenzo Badge Mirror Effect Leather Pouch ($275) and a pair of DKNY Silver Brittany Sandals ($127 $101).

What did Yoona wear? A denim dress.

Oh my gawd, Noona is so jealous at Yoona's legs but okay, let's come back to the clothes. #fangirlingmoment

Thankfully denim dress is one of the fashion-must-have in 2015. This means a lot of denim dresses are out there in the market. For the cheaper alternatives to Yoona's denim dress, Noona has found one from Adelyn Rae. The ruffle cotton fit & flare dress costs USD 87.65. 

ruffle cotton fit & flare dress from Adelyn Rae

If you prefer the non-sleeveless denim dress, ASOS has denim crop top skater dress and they sell it at USD 44.00 at its website. Cute and yet, retro-ish. 

ASOS denim crop top skater dress

For the sandals, oh boy, the sandals do look very comfortable, don't they? Noona has found an alternative to the sandals from ASOS. This pair of Senso Karmyn silver leather flat sandals costs USD 57.50. Sweet! 

Senso Karmyn silver leather flat sandals from ASOS
How's everyone coping with October so far? If it has been terrible, well, November is just around the corner. Noona had a pretty busy October although it's busy in not-so-good way. She is busy working her ass in the office because October is basically the deadline of all things related to tax. Sad. Noona hates it when she spent more time than what's her pay requires under the contract but sometimes, it is just unavoidable. Because everyone else is so willing to serve the company. Oh well. If you have a tough October, let's go through it together! Fighting! ^^

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