K-Fashion Inspiration: Sooyoung's Mesh and Flare Skirt from Steve J & Joni P

Noona really loves checking out the fashion show from the land of kimchi because their style is just so different from the European ones. The fashion items are usually very expensive but that does not mean those items never go on sale. Now if you like what Sooyoung wore for the fashion show held by Steve J & Joni P...

Good news for you! The mesh top, the inner tee and the flare skirt are currently going on sale in Steve J & Joni P's website here. The mesh top goes on sale from 168,000 KRW to 117,600 KRW.

Mesh Top from Steve J & Joni P
While the flare skirt goes down from 318,000 KRW to 222,600 KRW. 

Flare Skirt from Steve J & Joni P

The tee also has reduced price tag from 128,000 KRW to 89,600 KRW. Now I kinda feel like buying the whole ensemble. (Although when you add the cost up, it does not sound cheap at all. LOL.)

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