K-Fashion Inspiration: Black and White Makes a Good Pair by Gong Hyo Jin

Noona get pretty jealous when she sees some people do not really have to try so hard to look stylish. But at the end of the day, Noona realised that it's useless to feel jealous so Noona might as well try to learn from those people. Especially when those people includes Gong Hyo Jin.

So...if you only have two colors in your wardrobe and those two colors happen to be black and white...good news for you. Gong Hyo Jin shows that you actually just need those two colors to give your style a bang.

Black and White Makes a Good Pair by Gong Hyo Jin

Noona super falls in love with her comfy pair of sandals. Noona walks so much in Singapore and yet, comfortable shoes are kinda rare here. Well, Noona calls it rare because those in display at department store are usually pretty much expensive for Noona's wallet. *cry cry*

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  1. Cute sweater :)
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    Maria V.

    1. Yeah! I like the sweater too. Looks comfy as well. =)