K-Travel: Petite France, a French cultural village in Korean countryside

Noona has totally how idea on why there is a French cultural village located just at the outskirt of Seoul. But, Petite France is too pretty to miss. 

Petite France also serves as youth cultural centre and hence, the cute village housing can be rented if you are interested to have your activity here together with some friends. 

A few steps inside the village, Noona is pretty much excited because Petite France is really pretty, just like what the Korean TV reality shows say. The colorful houses behind Noona serves as shops, restaurant and art exhibition galleries.

Petite France, a French cultural village in Korean countryside

There is an amphitheatre at the middle of the village. If you are a Running Man fan, you sure remember that this amphitheatre also served as "jail" in episode 40 (the one with the handsome 2PM boys). *swoon*

Even though Petite France looks kinda small, there are a lot of sightseeing objects which cannot be missed out here. If you need direction, you can just look at the signs because, thankfully, the directions have English translation. 

Map Direction at Petite France Gapyeong

Noona will introduce you to the "main star" of Petite France in the next post. ^^

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