K-Fashion Inspiration: Small and Beautiful Furla Metropolis Bag by Sulli

This picture was actually taken quite a while back in January 2015 (okay, that's a waaaaayyyy back) but oh well, it's never too late for a fashion IT bag. Because the latest collection of Furla Metropolis mini crossbody bag is even better now. 

The only thing that stands between me and that cute little crossbody bag is sadly...USD328. U_U.

I like the rose pink color, which based on the Korean TV show called "A Style for You" is one of the trend color in 2015. Soft, feminine and cute. 

Pink Furla Metropolis Bag

Another color that catches my eye is the tangerine/white/black. Tangerine is also the color of the year and if you want those colors that scream fun, this one will suit you better. 

Neon tangerine Furla Metropolis crossbody bag

Btw, do people still bring wallet nowadays? I mean with the rising popularity of mini bag, there's no way a ladies wallet can fit inside those mini bags, right? =P

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