K-Fashion Inspiration: Cakes and Coffee Anyone? by UEE

What is enjoyable about watching a Korean drama is to watch what the main characters are wearing in the drama. The storyline can be a bonus but to be honest, most of the time, I just enjoy watching the clothes. =P

Especially if the drama shows me that you can apparently be amazingly stylish (and cute too!) when you are doing your daily errand, like buying coffee. And cakes too. Or pastry. Or tarts. Or whatever. UEE's clothes look simple and yet the whole ensemble looks great and refreshing on a summer day. A thing to note about this look is to match the color of the stripes and the skirt. In UEE's case, it's blue. 

How to copy UEE's I'm-going-to-buy-coffee-ootd:

1. Dig wardrobe to find a white striped top, pay attention to the color of the stripes
2. Pick a skirt with similar color to match the stripes. To be honest, I think you can follow UEE's example of wearing denim skirt, since denim looks good with everything
3. If you don't have lean legs, I think you can opt for the ankle-length socks. If you have lean legs like UEE, you can go for calf-length socks like her
4. Sneakers (pick neutral color like white or black)

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