K-Fashion Inspiration: V-Neck Blouse by SNSD's Yuri

It really seems that Korea fashion and V-neck style goes along pretty well. There are so many V-line tops offered on the market and well, somehow, their V-line tops really looks good! Especially when it's worn by Yuri. =P

V-Neck Blouse by SNSD's Yuri

For something similar to Yuri's top, you can find it at Lucky Chouette's website. This V-line sailor top costs KRW 268,000. It will looks so good for office wear too. 

Lucky Chouette V-Line Blouse

Alternatively, there is another slightly cheaper option at KRW 248,000. This will suit those people who prefer top with shorter sleeves. 

Lucky Chouette Ribbon Half Sleeves Blouse

If Noona resides in Seoul, Lucky Chouette will make her broke within seconds she's sure of it. XD

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