K-Food: A typical Korean restaurant in Myeong-dong alley, Seoul

Noona just had a pretty tiring weekend and all she wants to do now is dozing on her bed. Before dozing off she saw that her friend is now solo-travelling in Seoul and oh boy, look at those foodie pics that she posted. Geez, this kinda makes Noona missing Myeong-dong so much. To tell you the truth, a lot of good food that Noona tried last time, located at Myeong-dong. Just like this typical Korean restaurant at random Myeong-dong alley. 

K-Food: A typical Korean restaurant in Myeong-dong alley, Seoul

The problem when you are neither speaking nor reading any Korean characters...oh wait, there are pictures on the wall. Let's just do a little match-the-characters mini game before ordering. 

Food menu at a Korean restaurant in Myeong-dong alley Seoul

Banchan (re: Korean side dishes) is a must wherever you eat. Nom!

Korean side dishes

After a few minutes of match-the-character ordering system, Noona managed to order a mix of ramyeon and rice cake (ddeokbokki) in spicy sauce. This dish taste spicy fabulous. 

Ramyeon ddeokbokki Korean food

The next dish looks like a Korean version of fried meatball. Slightly over-fried but nonetheless, all the fried stuff seldom goes wrong. 

Korean fried meat balls in Myeongdong

Last but not least, Kimbap, which seems to be a popular meal amongst students in Korea. It's cheap and yet, very filling. A perfect value-for-money kind of dish. 

Korean Kimbap at Myeongdong Seoul

You don't have to pay a high price to enjoy a simple Korean dishes in Myeong-dong. Isn't that great?

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