K-Fashion Inspiration: Denim and Plaid Magic by Bora

Randomly pick and dig a woman's wardrobe and you shall definitely find 2 style of clothes in her wardrobe, denim and plaid. Due to the rising popularity of these two styles recently, most women will definitely have one in their wardrobe. Noona is included. #guiltyascharged 

If you know how to work out denim style and plaid style individually...how about bring it up for the new level, by wearing them both? No idea how, let's take a peek at Bora's style, shall we?

Denim and Plaid Magic by Bora

Bora wears a denim playsuit in the above pictorial. But I suppose, the same idea of tying up a plaid shirt slightly below the waist will also work the same if let's say you are wearing a denim shirtdress or denim top on denim pants. 

Up to the style challenge, peeps? 

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