K-Fashion Inspiration: Fashionably Bored by f(x)'s Luna

Did Noona tell you Noona is still a fan of a sweatshirt? Hahaha Noona is so totally gonna be ready for the cooler weather. But now, since the weather is still...well...kinda hot. It's the best time to play mix and match using both sweatshirt and mini skirt. Luna shows us how to mix these two items while showing off the sporty yet feminine side of herself. While looking bored too.

K-Fashion Inspiration: Fashionably bored by f(x)'s Luna

How to be fashionable while looking bored like Luna:

1. Soft pastel color sweatshirt (think peach, lavender, mint green)
2. Black flare mini skirt
3. White socks
4. Sport shoes (grey like Luna's or black or white)

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