K-Fashion Inspiration: I'm Flying Home by SNSD's Taeyeon

Noona always feels so happy whenever she's going to airport because it's either she's going overseas or going back home. Thankfully, Noona never has to go overseas for work-related matters (because usually people will get too busy to enjoy the trip, especially when they are going with their bosses, ouch!).

K-pop stars has made travelling to airport is way stylish nowadays. It's really the combination of stylish and comfy. As there is the aspect of comfy, their style is usually easier for us, commoners, to copy. Hahaha. Let's learn from Taeyeon today, shall we?

K-Fashion Inspiration: I'm Flying Home by SNSD's Taeyeon

Noona is not kidding when she says it's easy to copy. Noona's sure everyone has at least a pair of black pants, a grey tee and black cardigan. These three items are enough to re-create Taeyeon's airport fashion. 

If you want to spice up the style a bit, you can pick the tees with some words or pictures. For instance, this is the butter gray t-shirt from Choies (USD 18).

Butter Gray T-Shirt from Choies

Another one is from Topshop (USD 34). It has cutie cat popping out from the pocket. Awww. 

Noona has just visited a Topshop store earlier, and instead of the cat, she found a popping French bulldog. LOL. The tee comes in white though. 


Can't wait to wear this tee for the next airport fashion moment. =P

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