K-Food: Soft Tofu Soup and Spring Onion Pancake Kind of Day

Once upon a lunch time, Noona and her friend did not know where to eat lunch. And since we were in the vicinity of COEX shopping mall, we decided to roam the mall. 

COEX Seoul Korea

COEX is like the equivalent of Suntec in Singapore. It has convention centre, exhibition hall and underground shopping centre. Well, Noona and her friend are confident there will be food inside too. 

COEX Shopping Centre at Seoul South Korea

We did find a restaurant at the corner of level 1. It was already late in the afternoon, around 3PM-ish. So there were nobody inside except for the restaurant's staffs. Good enough for us, at least our food would come out faster. Hahaha.

COEX's Jjigae and Pajeon Restaurant Seoul

The restaurant specialises in local Korean food so Noona tried their soft tofu soup (i.e. sundubu jjigae). This jjigae is the clear type and hence it's not red in color. The kimchi is served separately as a side dish. 

Sundubu Jjigae at COEX Shopping Centre Seoul

Do note that a portion of pancake (i.e. pajeon) in Korea is always big. This is the spring onion pancake and wow, look at the number of spring onion layered on the top of the pancake. Crazy.

Spring Onion Pancake at COEX Shopping Centre

Noona has a spring onion overdose now. XD

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