K-Fashion Inspiration: PIzza and TV Kind of Day by SISTAR's Bora and Hyorin

To be honest with you, Noona would never look as good as either Bora or Hyorin if Noona opt to spend her Friday night watching telly while eating pizza at home. Noona would probably stick to my ultimate combo of T-shirt and short (both are not decent enough to wear outside the comfort zone of my rented room). Oh wait, Noona just remember that she does not even have a telly. Great. #suddenlysad

But...if you are inviting your friend (or friends, if you haven't turned into a selectively-social or even, anti-social person) to watch movie at your house, you can totally get the inspiration from Bora and Hyorin. 

How to chill at home like Bora:

1. Any loose long-sleeve plaid shirt will do
2. Any short will do

How to chill at home like Hyorin:

1. Any sleeveless T-shirt will do
2. Any short will do
3. Throw in some furry shawl (or whatever kind of comfortable shawl you have)
4. Sport socks (I'd rather barefoot but hey, it's fashion at your house, peeps!)

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