K-Travel: The House at the End of the Road, Petite France

The haze is really terrible in Singapore today. Noona is seriously thinking of running out of the country but then...there's so much work to be done in the office and Noona's annual leave is totally not enough for an escape trip from the haze. Oh well, let's blog to escape the reality, shall we?

Now, where were we on the K-Travel segment? Right, we had not made a move from Petite France yet, hadn't we? Pardon me if my blog post seems to be very slow from moving on. But there are so many pretty things to see in Petite France. And who knows, more pictures will make you want to go all the more? #excuse

If you walk far enough to the section located further back in Petite France, you will see a stand-alone house at the end of the uphill road. This is actually the house where Song Ji Hyo found a Little Prince's coat in Running Man series, if you remember. 

K-Travel: The House at the End of the Road, Petite France

Closer look of the house. Thanks goodness, it does not look horrific like some sort of abandoned house. 

There are nothing much inside the house. But the wall is full of painting of celebrations in Petite France. For instance, this one is a wedding celebration. 

The next painting shows a celebration in winter when Petite France is covered in snow. That looks lovely although it may be freezing cold in winter days. 

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