K-Fashion Inspiration: Sweater on a Summer Day by UEE

Do you know the dilemma of wanting to wear sweater because the air-conditioned room is so cold but it's hot outside? Well, for a start, there is nothing wrong with wearing sweater on a summer day. And to make it even better, autumn is just around the corner. For the transition period from summer to autumn, it's a good time to take fashion inspiration from UEE, by combining sweater in a sporty way. 

While not feeling too hot and too cold at the same time, this style is easy to pull off. If you are going for a monochromatic look, make sure your sweater, pleated skirt, socks and sneakers have the same color. If you are going for the fun crazy I don't want to leave summer look, you can mix up some fun color I guess. 

What you need to achieve UEE's sporty look:

1. Sweater/ hoodie
2. Pleated skirt
3. Calf-length socks (I prefer ankle length though cause my calves are enormous)
4. Sneaker/ Sport shoes

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