K-Fashion Inspiration: Suzy's Beanpole Bonnie Bag

Officially made into my to-buy-list bucket, Suzy's latest Bonnie Bag is the latest addition into Beanpole Accessories Bag. It's also well known as Suzy's bag because Suzy has personally helped in the design process of the Bonnie bag. You can check out the short video on the making of the Bonnie bag in youtube. 

The making of Suzy's Beanpole Bonnie bag

Bonnie bag comes in a number of color. This is the Brown Bonnie. 

Brown Bonnie Bag Beanpole Suzy

Next one is the Burgundy Bonnie. 

Burgundy Bonnie bag Suzy Beanpole

The last one happens to be Noona's favourite color, the Pink Bonnie. ^^

Pink Bonnie Bag Beanpole Suzy

The Pink Bonnie costs KRW 498,000 while the Brown and Burgundy Bonnie costs KRW 368,000. There's no way Noona can stop working if she keeps wanting to buy these pretty bags (unless Noona manages to find a chaebol to wed her). XD

For the complete color list and price, you can check it out at Beanpole's website.

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