K-Fashion Inspiration: White Tee and Pink Skirt and I'm a Happy Girl by Victoria Song

Oh boy, I have been on hiatus for a while now. It feels so good to be back on the blogging platform. Especially now that there are so many summer style that I've missed. And yes, you are right, fall is just around the corner. So if you are a typical summer girl, go enjoy the final few days of summer. 

Huh? Dunno what to wear? How a bout a simple tee and colorful skirt then? Victoria will show you how it's done. 

Victoria Song f(x) Marie Claire White Tee and Pink Skirt

Easy and yet, fun, right? =)

What do you need to achieve the above style: 

1. White tee (no matter what the pattern is)
2. Pastel skirt (lavender or soft pink will do)
3. Colorful small bag (Victoria wears green but personally, I think yellow will make do too. If your skirt is already too bright, you can opt for a black bag instead)

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