How to go to Petite France from Seoul?

After watching a number of Running Man shows and Korean TV shows, Noona was so inspired to go to Petite France, since it was used as one of the shooting locations so many times. Noona stayed in Dongdaemun at that time, so Noona's mission for the day is to reach Petite France from Dongdaemun in a fastest way possible. Hmm, this starting to sound like Running Man's mission. Excited!

Dongdaemun Station Seoul Korea

From Dongdaemun Station, you need to travel to your first stop of reaching Petite France, Sangbong Station. From Sangbong Station, you will need to transfer to Gyeonchun line which serves Gapyeong direction. Luckily, there is a clear sign to follow in Sangbong Station. 

Sangbong Station Seoul Korea

Makes sure you are waiting in the right side of the track. In order to reach the second stop, Cheongpyeong Station, we need to wait the train which goes to Gapyeong direction. 

Gapyeong direction at Gyeongchun Line Seoul Korea

Bored while waiting for the train, so Noona started taking picture of the empty station. 

After a few minutes of train ride, Noona has finally arrived at Cheongpyeong Station. 

Cheongpyeong Station Seoul Korea

The view surrounding Cheongpyeong Station is so pretty. So once again, Noona took a picture before she left the station.

The neighbourhood view at Cheongpyeong Station Korea

Noona missed out the timing for the Gapyeong City Bus, so Noona and friend ended up having to take a cab to Petite France but the trip was worth it. The cab driver was nice enough to stop for a while to help us taking picture at Cheongpyeong Lake. You will see this lake too on the way from Cheongpyeong Station to Petite France. 

Cheongpyeong Lake at Gapyeong Korea

For your info, the cab fare from Cheongpyeong Station to Petite France costs us around KRW 12,000 - 15,000. 

Can't wait to reach Petite France soon!

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