Night Time Snacking at Dongdaemun

Noona and friends really enjoy the night activity in Seoul because the city simply does not sleep. With that kind of lifestyle, we decided to hop into the subway and made our way to Dongdaemun for a night time snack.

Night time snacking at Dongdaemun

Throughout our food hunt, our gaze is hooked upon the row of food street stalls. 

Food street stall at Dongdaemun Seoul

Especially when the ahjumma pouring ddeokbokki into a bowl. Oh my gawd, all the fried stuff that she sells looks yummy. 

Ahjumma selling ddeokbokki in Dongdaemun Seoul

If you are not into fried stuffs, there are oden too. 

Oden stall at Dongdaemun Seoul

There is also dried squid spotted. I love this snack and in Indonesia, we have dish called Rojak Juhi in which a various kind of fruits and vegetables made into salad with peanut sauce + dried squid on top. Oh gosh, I start to imagine the whole dish in my mind. Hahaha.

When the ddeokbokki is served, everyone rejoiced. Noona is a fan of ddeokbokki no matter how fattening the dish is. =P

Ddeokbokki at Dongdaemun Night Market

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