A hot summer day at Dongdaemun

It was a really hot day, so hot until Noona can't wait to run to any shopping mall that Noona first see in Dongdaemun area. But the first thing that Noona see when she comes out from Dongdaemun subway station is some kind of weird pipes. Oh wait, they are some kind of art installation. 

A hot summer day at Dongdaemun

Beside the piping, Noona saw a shopping mall called Good Morning City. Noona is so ready to make a dash inside to bask in the cool air of air-conditioner. 

Good Morning City at Dongdaemun Seoul

But Noona's friend dragged Noona to Doota instead because she feels like having a frozen yoghurt over at Red Mango, which is located inside Doota. Oh well. A few steps over to Doota will not melt me, Noona says to herself.

Doota at Dongdaemun Seoul

Within minutes, Noona and friend are seated at Red Mango ready to devour the yummy mango frozen yoghurt with extra mango toppings. Yum! 

Mango Frozen Yoghurt at Red Mango in Dongdaemun Seoul

There are many shopping malls in Dongdaemun but most of the clothes stall here do not allow customers to try the clothes. Even if there are a few exception stores which allow customers to try, the changing rooms are quite far away and very limited. Hence, the customers do feel reluctant to try the clothes here. Customers with nor-here-nor-there size like Noona comes out from Dongdaemun empty-handed. Le sigh. 

Noona prefers to shop at Ewha University area because she came out with a lot of shopping bags in hand after visiting E-dae.

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