Fallin' in love with chicken galbi at Yoogane

After spending the whole morning and afternoon out watching the guard changing ceremony at Deoksugung Palace and shopping shoes at Ewha University area, Noona and her friend were pretty much bummed. And hungry. So we made our way back to where we stayed, Myeong-dong. 

Noona did not really do a lot of research beforehand on where to eat so Noona just randomly walked into a restaurant selling galbi (i.e. grilled meat) in Myeong-dong area. And this restaurant happened to be a famous galbi restaurant which has been in the business for years in Seoul, Yoogane. We had a bit of language barrier when we wanted to order food, but at the end, the restaurant manager helped us out and we managed to order a classic dak galbi (chicken galbi). Upon placing order, a huge pan of marinated chicken and the veggies are placed on the frying pan in the middle on the table.

Fallin' in love with chicken galbi at Yoogane

At the side, the waiter will put the marinated ramen. The ramen will not be thrown into the pan until the chicken are cooked. 

Ramen for dak galbi in Yoogane

This is how the pan looks like when all ingredients are thrown inside and cooked. The taste is so yummy. Noona admits she has a bias towards the ganjang sauce (Korean soy sauce) used in the mixture of dak galbi. But, nonetheless, our dining experience here is quite nice for the tummy. 

If you happen to visit Myeong-dong, you can visit Yoogane to try their dak galbi. If you are not a fan of dak galbi, there are a lot of other food choices which you can find in Myeong-dong such as bibimbap at Gogung and kalguksu at Myeongdong Kyoja.

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